An introduction to resources hosted on the TRW site

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An introduction to resources hosted on the TRW site

As a research and information hub, the TRW website hosts original desk research by the TRW team and literature from external organisations related to TRW. This post is an introduction and overview of the resources hosted on the site.

The concept of TRW may be new in this name, but the issues it encompasses are not. As is expected from such an interdisciplinary topic, the site will draw on research from a wide range of sources. The site hosts selected material in five categories within the ‘Explore’ section.  This is a brief introduction to each category. An unavoidable result of the broad and multidisciplinary nature of TRW means that there will be a degree of overlap between the categories as illustrated in the accompanying diagram.

The Materials section will include information on specific substances of concern originating either from munitions or military activities. Original content from the TRW team will include analysis and reviews of substances of concern based on the developing TRW framework. External hazard data will be included wherever possible.

The Sources section will provide a broader view of materials that may be covered by the TRW framework, with a greater focus on TRW generated indirectly during conflict.

The Impact section will offer a deeper assessment of the environmental and health concerns relating to certain TRW. Original content will include desk research on the topic, reporting of field work and case studies, with an emphasis on epidemiological data, where available, but also covering exposure data and laboratory studies.

The Management section will provide an overview of the post conflict management and assessment of TRW.

The final section, Regulation, will be devoted to the legal aspects of TRW, either with regard to restrictions on the use of specific substances or provision for post conflict cleanup by states and external actors. Original content will include input from the TRW legal team reviewing existing International Humanitarian and Environmental Law and the proceedings of our first major event, the TRW legal workshop, which is to be held in Berlin on the 22nd June.

At the time of the site launch, the ‘Explore’  section hosts relevant reports from external bodies: post conflict environmental assessments and reports from the United Nations Environment Programme, Disasters and Conflicts Branch, reviews on International Humanitarian Law as it relates to war and the environment from the International Committees of the Red Cross (ICRC). For the more scientifically inclined, resources on advances in toxicology that could be useful with regard to TRW and reviews of the environmental harm caused by obscurants from the US National Academy of Sciences Press and others.

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